Strikeforce Port-Mortem: Awards

By Jake Rossen Jun 7, 2009
The-I Am Holding-a-Betting-Ticket-on-Kevin-Randleman-and-Will-Soon-Be-Foreclosed-On Award: Kevin Randleman

There is no one in mixed martial arts who looks as foreboding, frightening or capable as Kevin Randleman: Wanderlei Silva would run from this guy in an alley. But all of that energy and ambition seems to get used up just before the opening bell. Against Mike Whitehead, Randleman couldn’t keep him down, couldn’t maintain Whitehead’s pace and couldn’t finish the bout when he created a huge opportunity to do so. Randleman swore he was a changed man, but the results remained the same.

Ring Attire of the Night Award: Phil Baroni

The Tom Hanks of this division, Baroni entered the ring wearing shades that had him prepared to view “Star Trek” in IMAX.

Painting Themselves into a Corner Award: Strikeforce

Two star-making performances from Diaz and Shields Saturday -- but what were they worth? The teammates will never fight, titleholder Cung Le is busy hitting marks and Frank Shamrock’s mystique has gone the way of grunge. If their heavy push of Affliction was any indication of an alliance, they need to call in some favors. If they want, I’ll even send in $45 as a down payment on Diaz/Vitor Belfort.

We Respect You for Trying Award: Andrei Arlovski

Guy takes a fight on short notice, gets knocked out, misses the winner’s share and ruins his boxing debut on June 27, all in the space of about 10 seconds. That’s a rough night, even by Belarus standards.
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