Strikeforce Port-Mortem: New Questions

By Jake Rossen Jun 7, 2009
Because the cycle never ends.

Q: Where does Phil Baroni go from here?

A: He’s an easy punch line, but Baroni has an obvious work ethic and respect for the sport. What he needs is to consider MMA less of a posedown competition and more a battle of technique. Whatever his conditioning routine has been for the past few years is clearly not the answer.

Q: Will Kevin Randleman fight again?

A: Yes. And he will swear he’s changed his training, his mindset and his approach. And we will all believe him.

Q: But he also had Whitehead nearly finished.

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Respond anyway.

A: Randleman should see what he has at 185 before making any more decisions about his future. I do not think he would stand there and let Nick Diaz toss leather into his face three hundred times. He would take that man the hell down.

Q: Is Diaz cut out for 185?

A: The Shamrock fight did little to convince me of that. The Smith fight did everything.

Q: Is Shields?

A: Diaz can frustrate opponents on the feet; Shields cannot. I suspect Jake will run into a middleweight minefield well before Diaz does.

Gina Carano vs. Cristiane Santos is official for Aug. 15. Given 10 weeks to make weight, they just might do it…Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson will happen the same night. Not sure how it’ll be much different from the first bout, which Thomson won…the introduction of the referee video recorder on the side of John McCarthy’s face was jarring considering McCarthy’s cheek took up a 1/3 of the screen. Shaky-Orbital-Cam needs to go.
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