Bi Nguyen: Stamp Fairtex Has ‘Never Been Tested Like This’

Nov 7, 2019

On Friday, in the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, One Championship’s atomweight muay Thai and kickboxing champion Stamp Fairtex will compete in mixed martial arts for the third time. Her opponent, Bi Nguyen, could be viewed as a stepping-stone in the two-sport titleholder’s campaign to eventually hold gold in a third sport. Yet the 30-year-old resident of Texas -- by way of Vietnam -- sees the matchmaking in this one very differently. From her perspective, she sees it as a sign of respect from the organization.

“They definitely want their two-sport star to become a three sport star,” Nguyen told Sherdog. “But one thing I do respect about [One Championship] is, I’ve only been here a little bit, but I’ve fought so actively. For them to put Stamp against me; they can put her against anybody I’ve beaten. But, for them to put Stamp against somebody as experienced as me, and as skilled as me; I think that instead of being offended that they want her to win, I don’t really know who they want to win. But, I know that they’re challenging her and that in itself gives me the respect of One Championship. They could have given her me later. They could have built it up a little more. Given her easier fights. For me, I’m used to being the underdog. I don’t have a perfect record. I’ve had losses. I’ve had wins, but I’ve always fought my butt off. So for her, it’s going to be such a different test. Because she’s never been tested like this. Like I’m going to test her.”


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